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$0.25;$0.50;$1.;$5.;$25.&$100.Set - 6 Chips - SameSerial#--1992 N1185; N1213; N2362; N2664; N2596 & N2476 $500.00
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Set: Six Chips. TCR #s: N1185; N1213; N2362; N2664; N2596 & N2476.




1.  Due to the scanner's "limited color range", some chip images that are described as "Hot Pink" or "Bright Orange" will appear as "Light Pink or Light Orange".


2.  The "Chip Name" will always begin with the Chip "Denomination", however, this website only recognizes each digit alphabetically.  Therefore, the "Denominations" will appear in the following order under each Casino Name:


$0.00; $0.25; $0.50; $1.00; $10.00; $2.00; $2.50; $20.00; $25.00; $3.00; $5.00; $500.00; $7.50; $8.00; etc.

3.  "Chip Sets" are listed under each "Denomination" within the casino chip listing.

TCR Numbers are being used courtesy of SSS Publishing.